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When Old Boys of Hale School get together to talk about the 'old school', the conversation often digresses. A recent conversation with Andrew Hadfield (1994), a manager at RAC WA, did just that! Andrew suggested that the School and RAC WA form a partnership to train young drivers to avoid becoming a statistic on our roadways.

Within weeks a training programme was devised and In October 2011 a group of fifteen Year 12 'P' plate drivers were being put through their paces.

check out the results here:



The Old Haleians' Association have taken this partnership one step further and invites young Old Boys to take advantage of a Defensive Driving Course initiative arranged by the OHA for young Old Haleians.

>     RAC Driving Centre Defensive Driving Courses

The OHA is aware of the alarming statistics relating to the number of serious car accidents that occur within two years of the driver leaving school. In response to this situation the Association has entered into an exciting and worthwhile joint venture initiative with the RAC to provide a selection of discounted Driver Training courses for Life Members.


There are three defensive driving courses available from the RAC Driving Centre which are eligible for a 10% discount:

>     Driver Enhancement Course DTEC 1

         Half Day     $195 (with own car)

>     Defensive Driving Course DTEC 3

Sealed Roads
Full Day     $350

>     Defensive Driving on Gravel DTEC 6

Sealed and Gravel Roads
 Full Day     $350


To ensure you receive the 10% discount please phone the RAC Driving Centre for your booking and quote promo code ‘Old Haleians Association’.

RAC Driving Centre - 9479 5754


For further information contact, Judy Greaney, on (08) 9347 0169 or by email at