20 Nov 17



Jeff Effendi (2000-07)

Born in Jakarta, Jeffrey Effendi (2000-07) was just seven when his family, who are Chinese-Indonesian, fled the country’s mass race riots. The experience left him with a deep understanding that stories can change the lens in which people are perceived in society.


Today, this social entrepreneur is using the power of human-centred stories to deepen empathy, create dialogue on contemporary issues and spark positive change. As the founder of DrawHistory, a social impact brand agency, Jeffrey has helped over 100 not-for-profit initiatives tell their stories by designing social brands and campaigns that rally people and funding to important causes. In fostering further open conversations, Jeffrey also leads the World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community in Perth and advises The Humanitarian Group to bring light to challenges such as the gender gap and global refugee crisis. An outspoken advocate for the rights of diverse young people, Jeffrey is a former UNICEF youth ambassador and is tackling society’s most important issues, from health and sustainability to education and inclusion.