Chappell Prefects . . .

8 Dec 14


Ross, Michael and Riley Chappell


Speech Day this year provided a very proud - and somewhat historic moment for the Chappell family!


Ross (1950-54) was a prefect during his final year at School, son Michael (1980-84) was a prefect during his final year at School - and not to be outdone, Riley who goes into Year 12 next year is following the family tradition - serving as a prefect in his final year.


Ross got very excited there for a moment, thinking there was a 30-year gap between each one - until he stopped long enough to realise that although Riley was announced as a prefect in 2014, he wouldn't actually take up the role until 2015!


Congratulations - never-the-less to the whole Chappell family. That is surely not a bad record.


The pressure will be on Riley in years to come to keep that momentum going!