MENTORING: Leading the Way

22 Jan 14

Warrick Hazeldine (1994-95)Warrick and Preston

The OHA is proud to announce the ‘Leading the Way’ mentoring program, which will launch in mid 2014 and run for the second half of the year.


The program will partner experienced Old Boys (mentors) with young Old Boys who are studying at tertiary level or in a traineeship or apprenticeship or just starting out in their careers (mentees).


The object of the program will be to assist Old Boys to reach their full potential in their chosen career and within the community.


The program will be structured to ensure that young and experienced Old Boys can enjoy a mutually beneficial mentoring relationship, with a focus on guidance, learning, understanding, objectivity, flexibility and confidentiality.


The program will be open to all Old Boys: mentors will need to have at least 7 years workplace experience but any Old Haleian, regardless of age or stage of career will be able to register for mentoring assistance. The program will be voluntary and free of charge.


The OHA encourages any Old Boys who are interested in becoming a mentor to register their interest now by logging on to OHA Online at


You can register as a mentor on the Mentoring page under the drop down menu ‘OHA Directories’. Mentees will be encouraged to register in early 2014. Detailed information regarding the program will be available early next year.


The program promises to be rewarding and of great help to Old Boys. We encourage you all get involved.


Warrick Hazeldine has already taken up the challenge and is mentoring Preston Sudlow (2007-11) who is keen to learn as much as he can - so that he too can give back in years to come.