Let's Connect

28 May 13


‘HaleConnect’ is the collaborative brainchild of the Drama Department formed following the hugely successful Mingenew Drama Project staged last year by a group of Year 7 Middle School students.


Fred Bremner and Grant PeoplesSeb and Geoff FisherRichard Moore and Lachie Ranson


The philosophy behind HaleConnect is to create original and significant projects which serve and celebrate communities beyond the classroom and to strengthen and enhance links between the School and external communities by seeking and celebrating common ground – and difference.


So, when Old Boys were asked if they would like to be part of the Year 8 Project for this term – they jumped at the opportunity. What better way to encompass the entire HaleConnect philosophy than by sharing their school day stories with students from 2013. There is a definite common ground and difference to celebrate between these two groups.


The HaleConnect Group

12 past students fronted up to the School (John Garland Snr was not available for the photo) for an afternoon of interviews and filming. The challenge for the boys, over the next few weeks, is to come up with a performance piece at the end of it all to be performed to their new group of friends.


There is a definite air of excitement circulating around the wider Hale community as we wait to see just what they will do.