The Old Haleians' Association is an active body that gives support and sponsorship to a wide range of projects and functions to benefit current students and Old Boys.

The Association arranges events such as Old Boys' Day, Retired Old Haleians' Luncheon, year group reunions, Summer and Winter Sports Days, city and country dinners, interstate and overseas chapter functions.  Support is also provided to current students through the funding of scholarships, bursaries and school projects.

The Association provides funding, support and assistance for School projects and programs, including its building and service learning programs. It runs the ‘Leading the Way’ mentoring, ‘Lending a Hand’ community assistance and ‘Make a Difference’ community service programs. It also arranges professional networking, reunion and other events such as Old Boys’ Day, Careers Nights and Sports Days.

To help develop and expand these programs the Association initiated this unique raffle in 2013 and invite the families current Hale students to participate each year.

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The Old Haleians Committee , and its various sub-committees, are committed to supporting the Hale community of current students and Old Boys.

Are you interested in joining the Old Haleians Committee? If so please contact us


BEQUESTS  - The Cygnet Society


The Cygnet Society was formed to encourage members of the Hale Family to make a bequest or future gift to the school and to honour and recognise those who have already remembered the School in their will.

The launch of the Cygnet Society took place on 12 November 2008 at a function held during the 150th Anniversary year. Two hundred and fifty Old Haleians gathered on the grounds of their old school in Havelock Street and those in attendance who were known to have left a bequest to the School were welcomed into the Cygnet Society by the Headmaster, Mr Stuart Meade. They were each presented with a Certificate, a gold pin and a brass key - a symbolic replica of the key used by Bishop Hale to open the doors of education to the first students of Hale School.

The importance and gratitude Hale bestows on those who bequest money to the future of the school is immeasurable and we thank those who have thus far committed to the future of this school.

If you would like more information about the Cygnet Society, bequests or donations in general, Dave Reed, Director of Development will be only too pleased to explain how your gift can be used to benefit your old School. Alternatively he can arrange a tour of the School or for one of our volunteer ambassadors to visit you at your home at your convenience.

The Director of Development
Mr Dave Reed

Phone: +61 8 9347 9729
Fax: +61 8 9347 9724




Each year the Association assists with the organisation of numerous reunion functions. If you are able to assist the Association and Old Haleians regarding venues, food or beverages for these reunions, or you are interested in organising a reunion for your leaving year, please contact the Association's Manager, Judy Greaney, on (08)9347 0169 or by email at



The School's Museum and Archives facility was first commissioned in 1992 to resurrect the School's history and provide a framework through which it can be effectively indexed, catalogued and displayed. The Archives consist of over 11,000 personal records of individuals who have been educated at Hale since 1858.

The Association encourages all Old Boys to send us their impressions and reminiscences of their time at the School to assist in recreating a picture and an atmosphere of past eras since the middle of the nineteenth century.

If you have any memorabilia you would like to donate to the Museum and Archives, please contact the Hale Archivist, Barbara Johnson, at the School on +61 8 9347 9117 or .




The Hale School Foundation was established in 1987 to support and assist the Board of Governors of Hale School to encourage and foster the interest and financial support of Old Boys, parents of students and friends of the School to preserve, improve and develop its services, property and facilities.

If you are interested in supporting any of the projects currently being undertaken by the Foundation, please contact David Timmins, the Foundation Secretary on +61 8 9347 9703 or .




In many ways the Old Haleians are the eyes and ears of the School in the community. Please contact us .  if you recognise opportunities or initiatives that may benefit the School. These may be related to advances in teaching and learning, assistant sports coaching, assistant drama or music coaching, development of facilities, or prudential but promising investments.