The Rhodes Scholarship, named after Cecil John Rhodes, is an international postgraduate award for study at Oxford University.

Rhodes Scholarships have been awarded to applicants annually since 1902 on the basis of academic achievement and strength of character.

Thirteen Hale School students have won the award, four of whom have had the honour of having Junior School Houses (Turnbull, Davy, Rosier and Walker) named after them and one Senior School House (Riley).

The editor of the Cygnet in March 1908, when writing about the School’s disappointment that H.N. Walker had not won the scholarship that year, pointed out that the Rhodes selectors had to take into consideration not only scholarship but also proficiency in games, character, capacity for leadership, and personality generally.



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Lister Drake Scholars

 Year 11/12 Scholarship awarded to sons/grandsons of Old Haleians by the Old Haleians Association..

2017/18 Jarrad Burges

2016/17 Joshua Hinton

2015/16 Oliver Sanderson

2014/15 Jacob Augustson

2013/14  Reece Clarke

2012/13  Cameron McAlpine

2011/12  Dylan Gilbey

2010/11  William McKelvie

2009/10  William Charlwood

2008/09  Jordan Aitken

2007/08  Callum Murdoch

2007/08  Taylor Smith

2006/07  Ben Hogan

2005/06  Henry Bromfield

2004/05  Alex Walters

2003/04  Tyson Broun

2002/03  Paul Hansen

2001/02  Will May

2001/02  Kingsley Rudeforth

2000/01  Ben Minson

1999/00  Morgan Prince

1998/99  Julian Gray

1997/98  Timothy Clay

1997/98  Paul Isaachsen

1996/97  Jock Campbell