The June 1919-20 Cygnet records that the Junior Boarding House at The High School was called Eliot House after the first student of the School to be enrolled at Bishop's Collegiate School in 1858, Laurence Eliot of Bunbury.

When the boarders moved to the new Havelock Street site from the Old Pensioner Guard Military Hospital building on George Street in 1925, a  house system was introduced that enabled boys to play inter-house sport on a competitive basis.

School House was for the boarders and the 'dagoes' were divided into Hale, Haynes and Faulkner Houses. This arrangement appears to have continued until one name had to be changed when the School itself had a name change in 1929 - from High School to Hale School. However, when Tom Hoar was appointed to the staff in 1948 there was no House system in operation; just dagoes and boarders.

In Term 2 of 1950, a new House system was firmly established as a permanent and integral part of School life. In the initial stages there was one boarding house known as School House and three day-boy houses known as Buntine, Faulkner and Wilson Houses, named after three former Headmasters.

From 1952 through to 1957 the houses were reduced to three with only two day houses, one being Wilson House and the other Buntine/Faulkner House. However, from 1958 to 1960, until the move to Wembley Downs, the School reverted to the four houses again, as set up in 1950.

In 1956 an element of pastoral care had been introduced with the appointment of a house master to each of the day houses. While the boarding house was administered by Mr G.N. Altorfer the day houses were administered by students under the guidance of the house master and a number of house prefects. Buntine House was under the guidance of G.I. (Taffy) Wall, Faulkner House, D.A. (Dave) Milne and Wilson House under T.D. (Tom) Hoar.

The house system was first introduced to enable more boys to be given responsibility and leadership opportunities. The boys were encouraged to develop a house identity and a spirit of healthy competitiveness through inter-house and cultural activities.

In 1961, with the move from Havelock Street to Wembley Downs, the School was divided into seven houses, two of them boarding (Wilson and Faulkner). The five day house were: Buntine, Haynes, Parry, Riley and Stirling Houses.

In 1966 a third boarding house, Loton, was opened, making three boarding houses in all.

In 1988, with the retirement of Dr Ken Tregonning as Headmaster, the name of Stirling House was changed to Tregonning House.

At the end of 1992, it was decided to introduce two additional day houses. These were named Havelock and St Georges - after the West Perth site of the School from 1914 through to 1960, and St Georges, after several sites the School occupied in St Georges Terrace during its formative years, from 1858 through to the mid 1880s.

A new boarding house (inclusive of Faulkner and Wilson Houses) was commissioned at the beginning of the 2005 School year. Loton House, which was first opened as a boarding house in 1966, became the eighth day house.

The four Hale Junior School Houses are named after Haleian Rhodes Scholars; T.A.L. (Taddy) Davy, S.B. (Bruce) Rosier, A.P. (Phipps) Turnbull and J.L. (James) Walker.

The Junior School: 

Researched by Bill Edgar/Tom Hoar